Jumalauta Xmas Party

August 25th - 27th, Hämeenlinna, Finland


It's that time of year again! Time to get together with your fellow Jumalauta & Co workers to celebrate the holidays.


The party will be held in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna at Aulangon Suuri Huvila (most of you will know the place already).

The party will have your usual Finnish demoparty features, like a few computer places, sauna and palju.


You can sleep at the party place if you want, but the amount of sleeping places is limited. The party place has a few shared bedrooms with 3-5 beds (about 25 beds total). If you have a specific need for a bed, please let the organizers know, otherwise it's first come, first served. There are also some sofas available in the general party area and room for tents outside (although the ground is quite uneven). Scandic Aulanko hotel is pretty close to the party place, only about 2.5km away and Hämeenlinna city center with even more hotels is not that far.

If you are sleeping at the party place, bring your own bedding. That's mandatory and won't be provided by the organizers.

If you have some special accommodation needs (e.g. you need a power socket for a CPAP machine), please contact the organizers. Best way to reach us is in Jumalauta Discord server or Jumalauta party telegram group

Sofasceners welcome

You can join us in Jumalauta Discord server, Jumalauta party telegram group or #jumalauta on IRCnet to join the party remotely.

Remote entries

Remote entries are allowed for all official compos. You can submit your entry through Partyman.


A Twitch Stream will be available when there is something to stream. The internet connection at the party place is not that great, so the stream quality might not be great.

We will stream all the compos. We might also stream some of the other program. See party timetable for times.

Tickets and Registration

Ticket price is 50€. Payment deadline will be 25.6.2023.

Registration has ended and the party is sold out. Thanks to everyone who registered! If you haven't registered and wish to be on the waitlist in case of cancelations, contact the organizers in Discord or Telegram.


General Compo Rules

  • All compos allow multiple entries by the same people.
  • You can enter your entry in multiple compos as long as other rules apply.
  • The entry must be delivered in a ZIP archive, with descriptive filenames, so it’s 100% clear which file to show/play/run.
  • You can test your productions on the compo machine before the compo.
  • Party organizers have the right to publish the compo results, with your name/nick, and all the compo entries.
  • Disqualified entries and entries not shown in the compo will not be spread.
  • If your entry can not be run on Windows, please include a video capture.
  • NEW: No purely AI generated content. AI generated can be used as a part of an entry, but the majority of the entry must be your own/group's. (excluding AI wild compo)
  • All entries will be released on scene.org after the party.

Compo Machine

AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 16 GB RAM

Combined Demo/Intro

The main demo competition. If you don't have a windows executable, please provide a video capture.


Have a wild idea for an entry that doesn’t fit in any other compo? This is the compo for it! Anything* goes, be it video, live performance, or whatever you can imagine.

*) Finnish laws may apply

Listening Music

Allowed Formats are MP3, FLAC, MOD, S3M, IT & XM. Maximum length is 4 minutes

Dance Music

Allowed Formats are MP3, FLAC, MOD, S3M, IT & XM. Maximum length is 4 minutes

If there's not enough entries, dance & listening music might be combined.

MIDI Music

Music will be played on Roland MT-80s midi player (VLC as a backup in case the MIDI file does not work on the device). Allowed format is MID. Maximum length is 4 minutes


Make some awesome graphics on any platform. Hi-res, low-res, ANSI, ASCII, etc. Allowed formats for bitmap graphics are JPG & PNG. For ANSI/ASCII, we'll support anything Sahli supports.


Any photo goes here. Retouching is allowed.

AI wild

Compo for all AI generated content. You must write a description of what tools and prompts was used to make the entry to be shown on the entry slide.

Allowed formats: Audio (mp3, flac), Image (jpg, png), Video (mp4)

Maximum length: 4 minutes

Fast Graphics

Last year’s winner will announce a theme at the party place and you will have 15 minutes to make an awesome graphics entry. Entries will be shown right after the entry deadline.

Compo Compo

Organize your own compo and enter it to the compo compo. May the best compo win. We can add the compo to the party system for entries and voting, but the rest is up to you.

Popup Compos


If you want to organize a popup compo and want it mentioned here, please contact the organizers.


Popup Compos

Want to organise your own compo? Great! We can help you set it up in the party system if you want entries and voting through that, but the rest is up to you. And don’t forget to enter it in the compo compo, where the best compo will win.

Game Compos

In addition to the compos listed on the Compos page and popup compos organised by our visitors, there’s probably going to be some game compos etc. TBD

Live Performances

There might be some live music performances (TBD). Want to play some music? Talk to us before the party. We can make it happen.

Open Decks

Open call to all DJs. Bring your records and play some music. Decks are open when there is no other program ongoing.

We’ll have your basic 2 x Technics SL-1200 and a mixer setup. If you want to play CDs or digital, bring your own gear and we can hook it up.



18:00 Party on!

20:00 LIVE: Nebawaganza

21:00 Opening Ceremony

22:00 LIVE: Kicks & Snares


14:00 Fast Graphics Compo

14:00 Deadline for Midi Music Compo

15:00 LIVE: Hulva

16:00 Midi Music Compo

16:30 Deadline for compo block 1

17:00 LIVE: Basscadet

18:00 Compo block 1 (photo, graphics, ai wild, listening music)

19:00 Deadline for compo block 2

19:30 LIVE: Jumalaudan Aatteidenkorjauskomitean Virkistyselämysmusiikkikomissio

21:00 Compo block 2 (dance music, wild, demo)

00:00 Voting ends & Prizegiving Ceremony


13:00 Party over. Clean up & GTFO.

All times in Finnish daylight saving time (GMT+3). Organizers reserve the right to adjust the timetable for any reason deemed necessary.