Jumalauta Winterfärjan

Silja Symphony, January 6th - 8th, 2023

General info

The rumors are true! After years of trustworthy partnership with [REDACTED] Line, we have switched allegiances to our former mortal enemy: Silja Line. That's right, this time our selected färjan is Silja Symphony, which departs from Helsinki on Friday. On Saturday, we'll spend most of the day in Stockholm, and it's compo time once we get back for our return trip to Helsinki.

As was the case last time, a party like this requires a little more commitment and information than usual, so go fill out the (binding) sign-up form if you'd like to participate. The form also includes more details, such as ticket prices and important dates.

Sign-up deadline will be on Friday 2022-11-11. Party place (conference area) has limited space available. Sign-ups are processed with "first come, first serve" principle, so sign-up early to ensure your participation.

Payment deadline will be on Friday 2022-11-25. You'll get the payment info and actual prices via email day after the sign-up deadline.


NOTE: These are estimated maximum prices that you will commit to. We'll adjust the prices (likely lower) based on actual participant amounts. The optional food options are only offered for the group travelers.

  • Single class A cabin spot in 4 person cabin and a party entrance: 80 €
  • Party entrance only (a.k.a. "i'll book the cruise myself"): 30 € (NOTE: this ticket type is disencouraged as it can negatively affect party place size. you can always buy the ticket 4 times if you don't like being with other people :-))
  • Optional buffet on Friday: 45 €
  • Optional breakfast on Saturday: 17 €
  • Optional breakfast on Sunday 17 €

Binding sign-up form.


2023-01-06 (Friday):

17:00 Departure from Helsinki/Olympiaterminaali

2023-01-07 (Saturday):

10:00 Deadline for remote entries

10:00 Arrival at Stockholm/Värtan

10:00 - 16:45 Free time, spend it in Stockholm or aboard the ship

16:45 Departure from Stockholm/Värtan

17:00 Party place in the conference area opens

17:15 Deadline for compo entries 17.15

18:00 All compos, voting & prize giving directly after compos

21:00 Party place in conference area closes

2023-01-08 (Sunday):

10:30 Arrival at Helsinki/Olympiaterminaali


General Compo Rules

  • All compos allow multiple entries by the same people.
  • You can enter your entry in multiple compos as long as other rules apply.
  • The entry must be delivered in a ZIP archive, with descriptive filenames, so it's 100% clear which file to show/play/run.
  • You can test your productions on the compo machine before the compo.
  • Party organizers have the right to publish the compo results, with your name/nick, and all the compo entries.
  • Disqualified entries and entries not shown in the compo will not be spread.
  • If your entry can not be run on Windows, please include a video capture. If you need assistance with a video capture the organizers can try to assist you, but please don't leave it at the last minute before deadline.
  • If your entry is for a fantasy console or some other runtime, make sure to provide an executable. We will probably not have a reliable internet connection, so if we can't show it with what's in the zip, we won't show it.
  • All entries will be released on scene.org after the party.

Compo Machine

AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 16 GB RAM, Windows 11


The main demo competition. If you don't have a windows executable, please provide a video capture.


Have a wild idea for an entry that doesn't fit in any other compo? This is the compo for it! Anything* goes, be it video, live performance, or whatever you can imagine.

*) Finnish laws may apply


Allowed Formats are MP3, FLAC, AAC, MOD, S3M, IT & XM. Maximum length is 4 minutes

Photo / Graphics

Anything that can be shown with the default Windows photo viewer.