Jumalauta 21

August 27th - 29th, 2021. Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Suurta urheilun juhlaa jo vuodesta 2000



We have a new party place this year! The party will be held in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna at Aulangon Suuri Huvila. The new location is conveniently located close (-ish) to Hämeenlinna center, about 6km away.

There will be your usual Finnish demoparty features, like a few computer places, sauna, palju, lake to drown swim in. More details later (maybe).

Because the party place is located by a lake and sound travels quite well over water, we ask that you try not to make excessive noise outside during the night. Normal speech and some music over your small bluetooth speaker is probably fine, but use some common sense. We'd like to not get banned from the party place for 2022 :)


There will be some sleeping places at the party place, but the space is very limited. There's a few beds and sofas available and we'll reserve them to organizers and visitors who need them the most. In addition to that, there are no assigned sleeping areas but you can still sleep at the party place if you want. There's also room for tents. Scandic Aulanko hotel is pretty close to the party place, only about 2.5km away and Hämeenlinna center with even more hotels is not that far.

If you want a bed/sleeping spot at the party place, please let the organizers know and we'll see what we can do.

If you are sleeping at the party place, bring your own bedding. That's mandatory and won't be provided by the organizers.

COVID-19 information

Because the pandemic is still very much on, there will be a limited amount of tickets for sale (pending official recommendations for events). We will do our best to keep the party Covid-safe. If you have any symptoms, STAY AT HOME (there will be more parties when you're healthy). The good news is that every Finnish person should have at least one dose of a vaccine by the end of August.

Sofasceners welcome

You can join us on the Official Jumalauta Discord Server or #jumalauta on IRCnet to join the party remotely.

Remote entries are allowed for all official compos. Submit your remote entry to jumalauta15v@gmail.com before the remote entry deadline.


We will set up streaming at least for all the compo blocks and possibly some of the other program. See party timetable for times.

We will link to the stream here when we have more details.

Tickets & Registration

Ticket price is 50€.

Registration will open at a later date and will be posted to all official Jumalauta channels.


General Compo Rules

  • All compos allow multiple entries by the same people
  • You can enter your entry in multiple compos as long as other rules apply
  • The entry must be delivered in a ZIP archive, with descriptive filenames, so it’s 100% clear which file to show/play/run
  • You can test your productions on the compo machine before the compo
  • Party organizers have the right to publish the compo results, with your name/nick, and all the compo entries
  • Disqualified entries and entries not shown in the compo will not be spread
  • Remote entries are allowed. Submit your remote entry to jumalauta15v@gmail.com
  • If your entry can not be run on Windows, please include a video capture. If you need assistance with a video capture the organizers can try to assist you, but please don't leave it at the last minute before deadline.

Compo Machine(s)


Jumalauta Demo

The main demo competition. The one and only Jumalauta Demo compo. Only Jumalauta demos are allowed. If you’re not a member of Jumalauta, don’t worry - you will be when you arrive at the party.

Jumalauta Wild

Have a wild idea for an entry that doesn’t fit in any other compo? This is the compo for it! Anything* goes, be it video, live performance, or whatever you can imagine.

*) Finnish laws may apply

Jumalauta Music

No theme this time. Just make a great track and enter it to this compo. Allowed Formats: MP3, MOD, S3M, IT, XM)

Jumalauta Graphics

Make some awesome graphics on any platform. Hi-res, low-res, ANSI, ASCII, etc. Allowed formats: JPG & PNG. For ANSI/ASCII, we'll use Sahli.

Jumalauta Photo

Any photo goes here. Retouching is allowed.

Fast Graphics

Last year’s winner will announce a theme at the party place and you will have 16 minutes to make an awesome graphics entry. Entries will be shown right after the entry deadline.

Tracker National Anthem Compo

Invent your own country and compose a national anthem for it. Allowed formats: MOD, S3M, IT, XM.

Flag Compo

Invent your own country and create a flag for it. Organizers reserve a right to disqualify any entry that is considered inappropriate.

Compo Compo

Organize your own compo and enter it to the compo compo. May the best compo win.

Popup Compos


If you want to organize a popup compo and want it mentioned here, please contact the organizers.


Popup Compos

Want to organise your own compo? Great! We can help you set it up in the party system if you want entries and voting through that, but the rest is up to you. And don’t forget to enter it in the compo compo, where the best compo will win.

Game Compos

In addition to the compos listed on the Compos page and popup compos organised by our visitors, there’s probably going to be some game compos etc. TBD

Live Performances

There might be some live music performances (TBD). Want to play some music? Talk to us before the party. We can make it happen.

Open Decks

Open call to all DJs. Bring your records and play some music. We’ll have plenty of empty slots in the timetable for everyone who wants to play.

We’ll have your basic 2 x Technics SL-1200 and a mixer setup. If you want to play CDs or digital, bring your own gear and we can hook it up.



18:00 Party on!


12:00 Remote entry deadline

14:30 Fast Graphics Compo

16:00 Deadline for compo block 1

17:00 Compo block 1

19:00 Deadline for compo block 2

20:00 Compo block 2 (music, wild, demo)

00:00 Voting ends & Prize Giving Ceremony


14:00 Party over. GTFO.

All times in Finnish daylight saving time (GMT+3). Timetable might change closer to the party.